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The Joint-stock company AIRLIGHT is specialized installation company executing a hardware of the airports by means of landing.

The industrial traditions of the company takes the beginning since military 1942 - 1944 years of World War II, when the specialists had equipped air routes laying from America across all Siberia by radio light houses.

AIRLIGHT is right successor of traditions and activity of the former USSR's state specialized installation Trust "Aviaspetsmontaj" of Civil aviation.
It was the biggest company in former USSR on airport/airdrome equipment installation, with almost a 50 years work experience in former USSR and some foreign countries.

After conversion of Trust "Aviaspetsmontaj" to Joint-stock company AIRLIGHT in 1993, the traditions and direction of activity of company have remained former.

AIRLIGHT executes a complex of activities:
- on development of the design documentation;
- complete set of plants by the equipment and materials;
- all kinds construction, starting-up, putting into operation and adjustment works on lighting and radio equipment, communication lines and electrical power supply of the Civil aviation airports and airdromes of the Ministry of the Defence of Russian Federation.

AIRLIGHT and its experts have the certificates and admissions on execution installation, adjusting, starting-up and warranty activities of domestic and foreign manufacturers firms of the equipment, such as IDMAN (Finland), SIEMENS (Germany), TRANSCON (Czech Republic), "Aerokurs-M" (Russia), "Aerosvet" (Russia), "Projector" (Russia)

AIRLIGHT has the state licences of Russian Federation for the right of realization:
- of design, construction, starting-up and adjustment activities;
- repair and mounting electrical networks up to 1 kV;
- starting-up and adjustment activities and preventive trials of electric equipment up to 10 kV;
- activities under the warning and extinguishing of fires.

AIRLIGHT also has the licences of Russian Federation FSB on the right of realization of activities connected to use of the items of information, constituting the state secret.

AIRLIGHT is a member   CIS Airport Association of Civil Aviation.

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