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Exemplary list of
executable operations on electric equipment
by AIIRLIGHT Electrolaboratory

Electromeasurements; operations connected with electric equipment by voltage up to 10 kV:
1 Inspection of condition of elements of grounding devices of electric sets
2 Measurement of resistance of grounding devices of all types
3 Measurement of resistance isolation of cables, windings of electric motors, vehicles, secondary circuits both position wirings, and electric equipment by voltage up to 10 kV
4 Measurement of a single-phase current of a short-circuit in circuits with the grounded neutral (resistance to a circuit "phase - zero")
5 Inspection of operation of a guard at the power supply system with the grounded and isolated neutral
6 Inspection of operation of a guard made by fuse-links, in electric sets by voltage up to 10 kV
7 Inspection of automatic cutout switches in electrical networks by voltage up to 10 kV on operation on a current
8 Measurement of resistance to a direct current of windings of power transformers and oil cutout switches
9 Trial by heightened voltage of cable lines and electric equipment by voltage up to 10 kV
10 Trial and measurement of performances of voltage transformers and of a current transformers
11 Inspection of voltage and current of operation of drives of oil cutout switches. Adjusting, inspection of devices of a relay guard, automation and telemechanics
12 Trials of electric sets of inhabited and public buildings

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