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List of executed activities
1 Projection of plants of air transport
2 Delivery of the equipment
3 Equipment installation
4 Ground set-up of operational modes of systems
5 Tuning of operational modes of systems at flight inspection
6 Surrender in maintenance with registration of the necessary documentation
7 Preparation and tracking of a package of the documents for certification
8 Warranty and after warranty service
9 Beta test of separate kinds of the equipment and complexes
10 Maintenance activities
11 Metrology security of electrical measurements - calibration activities on the control and measuring remedies.
    We have broad assortment of constantly updated measuring engineering allowing to execute of activity from simple electromeasurements up to adjusting of complicated microprocessor devices and control systems.

12 The architectural - building solutions, auxiliary facilities (concrete platforms, bases, legs of antennas, cable manholes and water drain *)
13 Electric equipment and electric lighting, ventilating and heating, voice communication, fire and security signal system, сonstruction of cable chambers, of cable galleries through runway and taxiway (without destroying airfield coatings with application of the horizontal drilling plant "Navigator" *)
    * Special civil work necessary for mounting of airfield lighting, of communication lines and electrical power supply, we executes by own earth-moving machine and threaded machine.

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Rambler's Top100

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